A walk, A handshake, A talk,
A phone call, A letter,
A message, A song,

Can give someone a reason
to want to live…


Rising Corner is a collaborative initiative to do our bit to help heal those having tough thoughts about life and living. This magical collaboration by artists of different kinds is a testament by itself that by connecting souls we can help heal one another.

“Rising Corner” is a combined effort of a passionate writer, a soulful singer, a lively doodler and a connecting web, together we aspire to spread and share the message of healing.

A song written with words that sprung from feelings deep down the core and set to music to reach the ears of those who really need it. Every song evicts a memory for us; something we fought hard at or easily lost yet found a purpose to move on...

We have released 5 of our songs from the album so far; Corner, A little bit , Wake up , Refill and Am I Good Enough .

We want to hear from you:
feedback, suggestions, want to be a part of our journey in anyway...

Write to us: 2risingcorner@gmail.com

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