A doodle to allow for your imagination to cross boundaries, a background on our third song "Wake up" and your story to inspire others...
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About 'Wake up'

Wake up is a song that is meant for you to know and understand that life is transient.

Every day, there are people who help us by giving their time, love and efforts so that we can get through fulfilling our duties. We do not know if that day or a single moment will be the last we will ever see them. If we knew that, won’t we just hold them in a tight hug and not want to let go.

So let’s wake up and let people around us know, how much of a difference that they make to our lives.

Is there something that happened in your life, that made you realize how much a person means to you or how much you mean to them?

Do you remember how what one does, makes a difference to your day? Do you ever tell them that?

Share your story with us, and if this song, made you do something or trigger a memory for you, we are waiting to hear from you...

Your inspiring stories